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Business Benefits of Great Domains

 Why does my business need a powerful domain name?

Domain names are permanent digital assets that provide your company:

  • Leadership Positioning, Instant recognition, Recall, Association and Trust

  • Aids in sharability and virality of your brand message on social media platforms

  • Creates a clear functional differentiator in a crowded market


Most importantly they


  • Increase customer traffic to your website, generate more leads and more revenue

  • Considerably reduce Ad-spend

More on this below...

How does a powerful domain help me perform better in SEO and drastically reduce ad-spends?

Research by companies such as Microsoft and Verisign have concluded that viewers tend to click on search results from domains that resonate closely with the searched terms compared to other search results. This results in a higher click through rate which in turn pushes up these domains in the search rankings gradually. We all know a better performance on SEO equates to the need for a lower ad-spend.


We already have a company website, then should we consider a second domain?

Your first domain may one that reflects your corporate identity.
Companies are increasingly turning to adopting a second or third online brand, which resonates with consumer intent - helps your company get more organic traffic from search rankings and helps your social messaging go viral. With higher organic traffic and memorability, you can reduce your ad-spend by a considerable amount.


What kind of website can I create on the new domain?

You may use the new website to address your customer segments in a targeted way. The two most common uses would be:

  • Use it as a venue to increase traffic and subscriber base, and drive inbound marketing and generate qualified leads

  • Use it as a neutral venue for community building and showcase thought leadership and even publicize your related products and services.

Do other companies also have multiple websites?

Yes. Infact most leading companies in their respective segments use a plethora of websites to achieve multifaceted business objectives.

Also, in highly competitive niches, with overcrowding, it becomes imperative for companies to have multiple websites to avoid being lost in the crowd, and generate enough leads and business inquiries to ensure sustained business growth.

A couple of examples are quoted here:

Stock images market leader Getty Images operates these websites apart from its corporate website





Software company Intuit operates the following websites apart from its corporate website






Are there published cases of companies that have seen a quick ROI from investing in good domains?

There are several. Here is just one of them:

An Australian company in the business of car loans was operating with the domain


After purchasing the domain, the company saw a major spike in customer traffic to its new website. The company reported a revenue increase of 60% in just 5 months, attributing it to a domain name that truly resonated strongly with its target customer base.

Read the entire case study here

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